Client Specific Solutions

Client Specific Solutions
There are a number of things that differentiate us from others in the financial services industry:
  1. We use customized portfolios for each client rather than forcing everyone into one of a few model portfolios.
  2. We take a problem-solving approach to each client:
    • For those concerned about their retirement income lasting throughout their lifetime, we provide long-term projections.
    • For clients attempting to pass on their wealth to the next generations, we advise using a variety of allowable asset discounts to avoid unnecessary taxes.
    • For those attempting to avoid exposing heirs to unnecessary legal asset claims, we provide guidance.
    • For clients who want to form their own businesses, we assist them through the use of creative strategies regarding legal protection, tax avoidance, and social security benefit forfeitures.
Below are some examples of these ideas applied to real life situations: